White Paper: Aerial Remote Sensing with LiDAR and Photogrammetry 101

This presentation discusses basic considerations, methods and caveats when performing Aerial Remote Sensing with LiDAR and Photogrammetry.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing an Area of Interest
  3. Base Station Setup
  4. GPS Dropout
  5. Signal Multipath
  6. RTK or PPK?
  8. Flight Planning Tools
  9. IMU GPS Systems
  10. Flight Planning for Photogrammetry
  11. Optimizing Periphery Imagery
  12. Flight Planning for Nadir LiDAR
  13. Point Density and Resolution
  14. LiDAR Flight Planning for Open Area
  15. Flight Planning for Corridors
  16. LiDAR Straight Line Characteristics
  17. Spatial Referencing Systems
  18. Conclusion

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