UPS Partners With Matternet To Transport Medical Samples Via Drone Across Hospital System In Raleigh, N.C.

Drone-based medical deliveries are here. UPS today announced a groundbreaking new logistics service to deliver medical samples via unmanned drones through a collaboration with Matternet, a leader in autonomous drone technology. The program is taking place at WakeMed’s flagship hospital and campus in the Raleigh, N.C., metropolitan area, with oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration […]

China’s Soaring Market for Drone-flying Farmers

It’s been 10 years since he worked at a carmaker, and Zhu Beibei still remembers the acrid stench of rubber tires. Then 19, it was his first job out of technical school in Wuhan, central China. He was paid 900 yuan ($134) a month and there was a lot of overtime. He quit after six […]

Kiama Drone Pilot Spots Swimmer in Danger, Lifeguards Swoop In

NSW lifeguards mainly use drones to spot sharks, and then warn beachgoers about the impending danger – thanks to the drone operated by Kiama surf lifesavers, they were able to sound the alarm on several occasions last summer, and keep swimmers out of harm’s way. A Kiama lifeguard stands on the headland just south of Surf Beach, and flies the […]

China’s DJI Targets Agriculture as Consumer Drone Sales Slow

World leader in sector increases spending on promoting products for spraying pesticides China’s DJI, the world’s leading commercial drone company, doubled domestic sales of agricultural drones last year and is now increasing spending on promoting its products to Chinese farmers as the consumer market is projected to slow. DJI, which was reportedly valued at $15bn […]

GHS Begins Testing Zipline Drones Ahead of Takeoff (+Video)

On Friday, Zipline, the world’s first national-scale drone delivery service, announced that in March it is beginning the initial testing and diagnostic flights from its first distribution center in Omenako. The revolutionary new service, which will begin operation in the 2nd quarter, will use drones to make on-demand, emergency deliveries of life-saving medications to over 2,000 […]

Will Evolving Drones Shape Future Landfill Operations?

Some innovators are working on drone-bound sensors to measure methane, other landfill gases and more. Landfill operators have been putting cameras that capture imagery and data on drones for a few years to, for instance, calculate airspace. But a few innovators are working on a new concept: drone-bound sensors to measure methane and other gases and, […]

ECSU Teams with Ohio Institution to Expand Drone Training, Innovation

Elizabeth City State University is teaming with a drone certification school in Dayton, Ohio, where the Wright brothers experimented in their bicycle shop before flying in Kitty Hawk. The college plans to hold joint virtual exercises and share expertise with the Sinclair College National Unmanned Aerial Systems Training and Certification Center in Dayton, according to […]

Precision Technologies in the Classroom

Farming isn’t what it used to be and neither is agricultural education. Pop your head into an Integrated Technology in Agriculture Systems course, for example, and you’ll hear teachers and students engaged in conversations about field and fertility maps, photosynthesis rates from their drone scouting, or ways to program a precision planter for optimal planting […]

Drone Paid For Itself “10 To 20 Times Over” On Indiana Farm

Wind and hail took a big yield bite out of one of Mason Lantrip’s cornfields last summer. When the insurance adjuster showed up to verify the claim the two men enlisted help to assess the damage in the tall, tasseled corn, from Lantrip’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone). “He said ‘Fly it to your […]