SiteAware Completes Full-scale Digital Façade Inspection on Iconic Salesforce Tower Marking Tallest Building Ever to Use Real-time Computerized Quality Control Technology

First Company to Transform Human Inspection Into a Fully Digital, Automated Process Proves Solution Faster, Cheaper, Safer and More Accurate than Physical Monitoring 

First Company to Transform Human Inspection Into a Fully Digital, Automated Process Proves Solution Faster, Cheaper, Safer and More Accurate than Physical Monitoring

SiteAware, the first digital, automated and online quality-control solution for construction exteriors today announces the successful façade inspection of the Salesforces Tower in San Francisco. The iconic 1,100-foot high tower is the tallest building to utilize this innovative technology at a fraction of the price, risk and time that it would have taken for conventional, human inspection.

“SiteAware enabled us to safely and efficiently identify and document construction quality of the exterior facade,” said Bob Pester, Executive Vice President, San Francisco Region at Boston Properties, Inc. the developer and majority owner of Salesforce Tower. “The ability to inspect such a massive building without the need to risk facade experts to inspect the building at that height and without interruption to our tenants or pedestrians is powerful. We will leverage the data that SiteAware has collected to support our building acceptance process as well as for the ongoing operation of the Tower.”

SiteAware’s façade inspection can be included as an ongoing quality control service during the phase of construction, or as part of the building final punch list activity and to support the building’s post-construction operational and maintenance schedules. SiteAware also provides inspection services to building owners seeking surveys prior to repair or maintenance work, buying a new property, or to document the status of existing assets surrounding a new construction site.

“The data captured and analyzed is of high value for us and for our customer,” commented Daniel J. Dupuis, AIA, project’s architect and Principal at Kendall/Heaton Associates, Inc. “SiteAware’s technology sets new standards for facade quality assurance and progress monitoring for high-rises, during construction execution and operation.”

The innovative solution uses drones and other sensors to capture façade data and advanced computer vision technology and AI to provide rigorous facade inspection reports. The in-depth inspection reports provide detailed information on the quality and completeness of the finishing elements and verifies that the functional installation meets design and warranty standards of the facade elements.

“This iconic tower presented us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate our operational and technological capabilities,” added Zeev Braude, CEO of SiteAware. “I am so proud of our team for successfully executing a very challenging project only few would attempt to undertake. With the SiteAware solution we can make facade inspection information available to any owner or developer at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods and tools, in a significantly shorter delivery time, with no risk to the people involved. We appreciate Boston Properties’ decision to work with SiteAware, allowing us to contribute to their quality assurance inspection process and we look forward to continuing to work with this world-class organization.”

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