Sentera Announces Major Update to the PHX Fixed-Wing Drone

2019 PHX enhancements include a longer range, faster setup, expanded analytics and payload options

Sentera announces the release of the 2019 PHX™ fixed-wing drone, with updates that deliver our customers’ most-requested features. PHX has been equipped with a new, longer-range high-speed datalink, an omnidirectional antenna system, and an upgraded, higher-capacity battery. Imaging and scouting large areas is now even easier and faster. In the air, the PHX supplies live HD video, still images and live analytics, including stand counts, weed locations, and plant health, all using the newest variants of the Sentera Double 4K sensor payload. PHX sensors for high-resolution survey and mapping and thermal products are fully-supported as well.

A focus on productivity

“We listened, and for 2019, Sentera is delivering the updates that most benefit our PHX users. Our focus is on user productivity, cost-per-acre, and operational simplicity,” said Todd Colten, chief aerospace engineer at Sentera. “PHX is already known as a phenomenally efficient, rugged platform.  These changes widen the gap, with extended range, endurance, and faster time-to-launch.”

“We understand that our customers’ success depends on a streamlined process that allows them to go from setup to flight to insights in the most efficient and reliable way possible. The 2019 PHX is really unmatched; cover large areas faster and with greater payload flexibility, which translates into more options for analytics-based insights.”

2019 PHX updates include:

  • Extended Range: Even with a small omnidirectional antenna, PHX operates at ranges of up to two miles with live HD video, and even further in telemetry-only modes. No antenna “aiming” is required.
  • Faster Setup: A 3X smaller, lightweight ground communications box and simplified pre-flight checklist enables users to go from setup to launch even faster.
  • Expanded Payload Options: The 2019 PHX accepts the newest versions of Sentera Double 4K sensors, allowing you to capture more crop health data and gain deeper insights. Centimeter-accurate RTK GPS is available for all PHX Double 4K-based sensor payloads.
  • Immediate, precise analytics: Custom payload options allow users to perform stand count, weed detection, and plant health analytics. PHX is the only fixed wing drone that maps stand counts and weed locations early in the growing season when action matters. Sentera’s FieldAgent™ data analytics software allows PHX users to create accurate maps and make decisions at the field edge without an internet connection.
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