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DJI Wind 4 Power Line Stringing Solution

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Increase safety, efficiencies and cut costs

As the leaders in the UAV industry, we keep a pulse on the latest emerging technologies and solutions for your power line needs. Drones can drastically reduce the risks of unsafe or unknown conditions of high voltage power lines, gather data and improve efficiencies.

The unique Wind 4 Power Line Stringing Solution is an extreme payload system constructed to be light in weight but powerful, carrying a 15 lb. payload. The intelligent line release system can work at any place, any time and any weather. Fully equipped with a quick release interface less than 30 ms once the switch is activated. This solution’s line release remote has a range of up to 10 km (line of sight) and runs independently of the drone platform.


  • 15 lb line capacity (dead lift)
  • Pulling system holds tension up to 2,000 lb.
  • Portable and foldable arms with extendable landing gear
  • Line release remote controller easily mounts the aircraft remote controller with up to 10 km range (line of sight)
  • Secondary camera for live-view of deployment system
  • Equipped with 4K RGB camera
  • Additional payload support: Zenmuse X5, X3, XT


The Wind 4 Power Line Solution can help you avoid paying for cutting palm trees or crossing dangerous or private property regions. It is also safer for the lineman and eco-friendly.


Gain the ability to string 15-20 towers in one day and fly above any kind of field, which can improve the efficiency of stringing power lines while reducing expenses.


Drone Nerds provides extensive professional two-day proficiency and flight trainings at their headquarters. At the completion of training, you’ll also partake in a product demonstration.


Complex issues require a highly specialized team willing to continuously monitor and respond to your needs. We’re dedicated to being the backbone of your successful drone program. With our dedicated Enterprise support team and service center you can rest assured if your pilots are in the field and have an issue, we can get them back up and flying.