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DJI Mavic Platinum Ready to Fly Thermal Solution – 4K Video & FLIR Boson 320 Thermal Video Simultaneously

  • Mavic Platinum 4K Quadcopter
  • FLIR Boson 320 Thermal Camera
  • 7″ LCD with built in DVR
  • Dual Camera/Dual View Simultaneously
  • Due to these being custom built, please allow 10-14 days to ship*
  • This bundle is only available as full package, we are currently not selling these pieces separately*
  • Boson camera setting software can be downloaded here

What’s in the box?

  • FLIR camera model Boson resolution 320 x 256
  • Custom Mounting adapter
  • Integrated video transmitter (5.8Ghz)
  • 7″ LCD with built in DVR. Mounted on the DJI controller.
  • DJI Mavic Platinum (with DJI controller and battery)

Mavic Pro Dual Camera Thermal Solution

Mavic Pro Dual Camera Thermal SolutionThe custom DJI Mavic thermal solution offers the ability to capture 4K video and thermal images simultaneously. With a fully integrated lightweight FLIR Boson 320, the lightweight payload will have minimal effects on flight time.

With the DJI Mavic you have an ultra-portable solution which can easily fit in any backpack. Our Boson thermal mount is custom designed to mount the FLIR Boson to the backside of the Mavic. This allows simultaneously capturing daylight and thermal images. Also we’ve included a DVR, so you can record the thermal images being captured by the FLIR unit directly to a micro sd card to allow viewing at a later time.
The included 7″ LCD Diversity monitor which will be displaying the thermal images in real-time. All together this solution provides a compact, portable thermal solution ideal for search and rescue and and security.

FLIR Boson 320×256

Boson takes your next generation of thermal imaging products off the white board and makes them a reality. Its combination of ground-breaking SWaP, state-of-the-art imaging, and wide range of built-in image processing and interface capabilities make Boson the obvious choice. Boson longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera cores set a new standard for size, weight, power, and performance.

7″ LCD With Built in DVR for Thermal Viewing

This 7″ LCD monitor displays the FLIR thermal images in real-time. The standard Mavic camera is visible through the DJI GO app on your mobile device. Simultaneous viewing – Real time.

If you run a public or volunteer fire department, a search-and-rescue operation, or a security company, there’s now an affordable drone that records 4K video and thermal video — simultaneously. You can now afford not only to record evidence, but also detect through thermal imaging such normally invisible situations as hot spots in walls and roofs, victims in disasters, and burglars hiding in a dark parking lot or warehouse.

The Drone Nerds custom DJI Mavic Pro dual camera thermal solution mounts both cameras. There’s no need to fly two drones, or to switch cameras on a more expensive drone and send it up a second time. This is the perfect lightweight drone for daylight and thermal imaging.

An ultra-compact FLIR Boson 320 thermal camera is mounted below the Mavic Pro’s standard 4K video camera. And a separate display allows the operator to view live images from the Boson while a connected smartphone displays live video from the daylight camera.

With the Mavic Pro Ready to Fly Thermal solution, you get:

  • Modified DJI Mavic Pro foldable quadcopter
  • DJI Mavic Pro foldable remote controller
  • Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Charger
  • 4K video daylight camera mounted on stabilizing 3-axis gimbal
  • High performance: 40 mph top speed, 4.3-mile range, up to 27 minutes flight time, hi-def live streaming of video
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Indoor flight capability
  • FLIR Boson 320 thermal camera
  • 7-inch Diversity monitor for viewing live thermal transmissions

DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter

Compact and foldable, the Mavic Pro weighs just over 1.6 pounds, including the battery and the thermal modifications. It can fly 21 to 27 minutes on a single charge and up to 40 mph. Mavic is extremely reliable because it has dual sensors for all of its positioning systems. It can even fly indoors to view such confines as a factory or warehouse.

Mavic Pro is smart, highly maneuverable and powerful. It can avoid obstacles, including the biggest obstacle to purchase: a tight budget. Even in this modified version for firefighters/search-and-rescue/security, Mavic Pro won’t break the bank.

For these applications, Drone Nerds adds to the Mavic Pro a featherweight thermal camera and landing gear modifications to protect the added equipment on takeoff and landing.

Firefighting Uses

The thermal Mavic Pro is a portable, affordable electronic device that can save firefighters’ lives. Fly the thermal Mavic Pro over a burning building, and the FLIR Boson 320 will display heat intensity, showing otherwise invisible hot spots in the roof or a wall. It indicates not just where firefighters should attack a blaze, but also where they should not. And with its daylight camera it will record important video that can be used as evidence or for training.

Search-and-Rescue Applications

A building collapse, an explosion or a terrorist attack can leave little but rubble — and desperate victims underneath. You can use rescue dogs, but where in the mass of debris do you send them? Ask a thermal Mavic Pro. As it flies over the wreckage, it’s Boson 320 thermal camera will detect and display the heat given off by survivors, speeding their recovery when every minute counts. It can detect victims covered by dense vegetation or woods after a plane crash.

Extra Eyes for Security

An alarm at 3 a.m. in a warehouse indicates a break-in. Where are the perpetrators? Are the crouching in an aisle, secreted from view by crates and 12-foot shelving? Maybe they’re inside one of the crates.

Our thermal Mavic Pro can fly indoors and sense the heat of human bodies. Are they hiding behind machinery or stacked pallets in a freight yard? Again, the thermal Mavic Pro will make the heat of their bodies visible. And the daylight camera will record important evidentiary video.  Mavic Pro won’t eliminate security personnel, but it will help them — and keep them out of harm’s way.

FLIR Boson 320 Thermal Imaging Camera

The Boson 320 long-wave infrared camera is so small that we can mount it on the Mavic, in addition to the daylight camera. It’s so light that it won’t significantly affect the Mavic Pro’s performance. And it’s so effective, you’ll wonder why nobody did this before Drone Nerds. A built-in transmitter streams the thermal imagery live at 5.8Ghz to an included Diversity 7-inch video monitor. You’ll see what the Boson sees, when it sees it.

You’ll want to look at the video again later, so we include a DVR. Thermal imagery also streams directly to the DVR, which can store it on a microSD card.

Intelligent Flight Batteries

Fly your Mavic Pro for up to 27 minutes — about 21 minutes in real-world conditions. The quick-charge 3S Intelligent Flight Battery keeps itself from overcharging and prevents damage from excessive discharging during storage. It tells how much power is left onscreen. Additional batteries and a multi-battery charging hub are available from Drone Nerds.

Redundant Sensors

Positioning is reliable because of dual IMUs and compasses on the Mavic Pro. Your Mavic has GPS, GLONASS and ultrasonic range finders. Each key sensor on the Mavic Pro is duplicated. That means that if one sensor fails, the backup sensor still functions.

Vision Sensors

Mavic senses obstacles as close as 2 feet at low speeds, and as far away as 49 feet when flying as fast as 22 mph. When it senses an obstacle, Mavic Pro stops and hovers until you send a command. With vision sensors that see in three directions, you’re saved from unexpected dangers, even as high as 14 feet off the ground and when GPS signals are blocked — in dense foliage or indoors.

Flight Autonomy helps you hover precisely and land where you took off. Precision Landing senses if the landing site is uneven.

By using TapFly onscreen, send your Mavic Pro in one direction. Terrain Follow keeps your drone at a fixed height off the ground even if you’re locked onto a subject moving over uneven terrain. Return to Home, which is activated manually or automatically if the battery runs low, helps your Mavic Pro avoid obstacles while returning safely to base.

DJI Go shows onscreen what your camera sees, from as far away as 4.3 miles. You’ll know where you are, altitude, battery reserve, and what’s in front of you.

Live-Stream Video

Mavic Pro’s OcuSync displays on your smartphone what you’re recording and where you’re going. It streams in 1080p when your drone is close, and 720p when it’s more distant — up to 4.3 miles. Your Mavic Pro records ultra-high-def 4K video. It also synchs with DJI Goggles.

The Boson 320 independently streams its thermal imagery to the  7-inch monitor.

Stabilized 4K Video, Quality Camera

The 4K video your Mavic shoots will have more than four times the pixels of 1080p. It will be recorded at up to 30fps, made shake-free by a 3-axis gimbal that cancels out drone movement.

With ActiveTrack, Mavic Pro Platinum locks onto your subject or onto you, if you want. Even without dedicated photographer, you’ll communicate directly with your Mavic Pro through your remote controller. Choose the mode that’s best for your shoot:

Trace — Lock onto a subject, and your Mavic in front of or behind your subject, or encircles it.

Profile — If you’re trying to stay with a subject, Mavic Pro will keep the subject in focus as it flies alongside, once you lock on.

Spotlight — Once you find a stationary subject, fly in any direction, and Spotlight will keep the subject in frame and in focus.

Tripod — This mode makes the movement of your drone slow and deliberate.

Automatic/ Manual Camera Controls

Shoot automatically, or manually by controlling aperture, shutter speed, ISO and file format onscreen. While shooting 12MP stills, set the shutter between 8 seconds for a time exposure and action-freezing 1/8000 second. Bursts come at 3/5/7 fps.

Mavic Pro comes with a 16MB video card; optional cards can boost storage capacity to 64MB.

OcuSync also allows you to download video and stills while recording additional images. OcuSync automatically chooses the best frequency available if it senses interference.


Is the thermal imagery recorded? Yes. The bulit in DVR allows you to replay it on demand. Its microSD card holds about 2.5 hours of data.

Is the thermal imaging seen live? Yes. It’s streamed to a 7-inch  monitor that’s dedicated to the thermal imagery.

Can I see what the 4K camera is recording? Yes. Mavic Pro’s OcuSync streams it live to the smartphone connected to your remote controller, in 1080p (close-up) or 720p over farther distances, up to 4.3 miles away. It’s also recorded for playback and for downloading to a computer.

Must I choose between shooting 4K video and recording thermal images? No. Recording of both files is done simultaneously.

Is it awkward to see the two screens? No. They are mounted adjacently for simultaneous viewing.

Is the Mavic Pro Ready to Fly? Yes. Just unfold the arms until they click into place. You must snap on the propellers before the first use. The front landing gear are built in but must receive the extenders. Rear landing gear must be attached to the arms. The landing gear modifications are so that the thermal gear does not hit the ground on landing. Calibrating the compasses requires a couple of more minutes.

How do we learn to fly? Read the manual and set the Mavic to Beginner Mode. It lets you ease into learning the commands and your drone’s reactions. Set the flight program to a more advanced mode as you develop skills. Learn more about 34 North Drones Professional Drone Training Program.

Does the Mavic Pro record 4K video? Yes — real high-definition 4K video in 30 fps or 2.7K video.

Is Mavic Pro 4K video shake-free? It’s very smooth and hard to differentiate from video shot with more expensive drones. A 3-axis gimbal stabilizes video by compensating for the drone’s movements. It’s better than what’s produced by other compact drones.

Can the Mavic Pro shoot stills? Shoot Mavic Pro stills at a sharp 12MP resolution. The shutter opens as long as 8 seconds for time exposures and as quickly as 1/8000 second to stop action. Bursts are at 3/5/7 fps.

Is the gimbal-mounted camera removable? No. It is permanently mounted.

Are telephoto lenses available? No.

Can I use the Mavic Pro for ground shooting? It’s easy. You can remove the propellers and fold the arms to the storage position, then handhold it and shoot once your smartphone is connected to the controller in WiFi mode. The 3-axis gimbal made the aerial shooting steadies handheld video, too.

How much memory can I insert with a microSD card? Up to 64GB for the 4K video camera.

What is the top speed of the Mavic Pro? 40 mph in Sport Mode.

What is the range of the Mavic Pro? 4.3 miles.

What is the Mavic Pro maximum flight time? The Mavic Pro is tested for 27 minutes of flight time. You’re more likely to experience 21 minutes in real-world time because of crosswinds and other factors.

What if my battery runs low? DJI Go, which is included, displays remaining power. If power gets dangerously low and you don’t notice, the Mavic Pro automatically returns to home. Mavic Pro retraces its safe route, recognizes its takeoff spot, and lands there.

If the Mavic automatically flies home, does it avoid obstacles? In Return to Home mode, Mavic Pro automatically senses obstacles and flies around or over them.

Does the Mavic Pro sense and avoid obstacles when I’m in control? When it senses an obstacle, it stops, hovers and waits for your command. It senses obstacles up to 49 feet away when it’s flying up to 22 mph, and as near as 2 feet when flying slowly. It also avoids obstacles if you direct it onscreen with Tap Fly.

Can I fly the Mavic Pro indoors? Yes, by using the vision sensors. Mavic senses obstacles as close as 2 feet in front.

What happens if GPS isn’t available? The Mavic Pro also picks up signals from GLONASS, the Russian satellite system. If satellite signals are unavailable, you can fly by visual sensors. Use Tap Fly onscreen to show the Mavic where you want it to go.

Can I fly in rain or snow? No.

Will the Mavic lock onto my subject? Several Mavic Pro modes lock onto a subject or onto you if you’re recording your own activities: ActiveTrack locks onto a subject and follows it. Trace lets you follow a subject, back up in front of it, or circle it. Profile allows the Mavic Pro to travel alongside a subject while recording. Spotlight keeps a still subject in frame and in focus as you fly in any direction.

Can I connect DJI Goggles to Mavic Pro? Yes. DJI Goggles connect wirelessly with Mavic Pro for 1080p viewing from the gimbal-mounted camera.

Can someone else wear the DJI Goggles if I’m flying the Mavic? Absolutely. An associate can concentrate on the 4K video stream, which is identical on the smartphone screen and on the Goggles screens, while you control your drone with the remote controller and watch the thermal images.

Can I extend the range of the Mavic Pro? Get more range with an FPVLR antenna upgrade for your Mavic Pro remote controller.

Are lens filters available? Drone Nerds sells PolarPro lens filters for Mavic in packs of six or packs of three to help you regulate light for both video and still photography.