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DJI Agras MG-1P + Advanced Spraying System Ready to Fly Bundle

DJI MG-1P + Advanced Spraying System

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  • Qty 1 MG-1P Craft
  • Qty 1 M-1S Advance Spraying System with RADAR
  • Qty 4 MG-1P Battery 12000P
  • Qty 1 MG 6-Channel Battery Charger
  • Qty 1 MG Spreading System


Innovative Insights. Increased Efficiency.

MG-1P Spreading System

The MG spreading system is tailored for spreading solid-particle materials. The built-in stirring device and hopper outlet precisely control delivery rate, which prevents material blockages and improves operation accuracy and reliability. The DJI MG app allows users to seamlessly set parameters such as hopper outlet size and spinner disk rotating. The MG Spreading System is dependable, efficient, and functions well in a variety of different environments and operating scenarios. Please note that the MG Spreading System is sold separately from the DJI MG-1S and MG-1P series drones. After purchase, it can be mounted on whichever MG series drone suited for your spreading operations.

The MG Spreading System performs well in both high- and low-temperature environments. By using solid chemicals, the system ensures that materials have a longer effective period, as solid chemicals have a slower release time due to their larger size. Using solid chemicals also lowers the risk to nearby plants compared with liquid chemicals, which drift more easily. Finally, The MG Spreading System is more efficient and spreads materials more evenly than manual spreading.

Multi-Aircraft Control Mode – Doubled Efficiency and Control Range

A single MG-1P controller can control up to five MG-1P aircrafts simultaneously, doubling the efficiency of single-pilot operations.This new intelligent remote controller extends the control range to up to 3 km[1] and supports high-resolution video transmission within that range, ensuring flight safety.The new remote controller also supports 4G wireless communications, an interchangeable battery, and new antenna design, providing even more convenience for daily operations.

FPV Camera – Safety with Vision

MG-1P series drones are equipped with 123° FOV wide-angle cameras that transmit clear, front-facing live views. For long distance operation, the remote controller’s built-in display indicates obstacle avoidance information to ensure safety. With the help of the FPV camera feed, users can effortlessly record A/B points or waypoints, increasing work accuracy and efficiency.

Flight Performance – Stable, Reliable, and Worry-Free

With eight rotors, MG-1P Series Agriculture Drones employ advanced propulsion and control algorithms to ensure flight safety even if one arm or motor breaks during flight. The motor drive system features a redundant communication mechanism that allows the system to reroute control signals during operation if necessary.

Upgraded High-Precision Radar – Comprehensive Safety

The MG-1P’s improved radar system integrates the three high-precision terrain detection radars from previous MG-1S aircraft with an obstacle avoidance radar. This doubles detection sensitivity and allows for multi-directional detection,[2]significantly increasing the aircraft’s ability to sense obstacles and follow terrain automatically. The MG-1P can detect centimeter-wide power lines from up to 15 m away. This protects the aircraft not only from power lines, but from trees branches and other common obstacles as well. Active Obstacle Sensing and Avoidance works during the day or at night without being influenced by light or dust. Plus, the radar system’s Ingress Protection rating has increased to IP67, making the system even more resistant to dirt, debris, and water.

MG-1P RTK – Precise Positioning with Interference Resistance

The MG-1P RTK is powered by DJI’s high-precision D-RTK navigation and positioning technology which offers centimeter-level positioning that is essential for industrial applications. Dual-antenna direction finding technology gives strong resistance against electromagnetic interference, ensuring flight safety even when the aircraft is flying near high-voltage power lines or in other complicated environments.The MG-1P RTK works in tandem with a new base station and D-RTKTM handheld mapper,[3]which receives positioning data from the onboard RTK module to accurately measure fields and transmits results to the remote controller for precise planning.

MG APP 2.0 – Operation Modes – Practical and Powerful

New operation modes have been added to the MG app v2.0. Multi-Aircraft Control mode is easy and intuitive, fully empowering users to control multiple aircraft with a single remote controller. Another new operation mode is Banked Turning, which uses optimized flight routes and increases working efficiency by up to 20%. Apart from the new modes, A-B Route Operation Mode, Manual Operation Mode, and Manual Plus Operation Mode are all still available to allow a multitude of control options.