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AeroVironment Quantix Drone & AV DSS 3-Year Subscription Bundle

  • Quantix and AV DSS — A powerfully simple to use ecosystem delivery on-demand field intelligence.
  • Quantix is currently designed for operation and support in the United States. More countries to be supported soon.
  • Quantix Data Sheet
  • DSS Data Sheet

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Quantix Data Sheet
DSS Data Sheet

View Your Fields From a New Perspective

  • Easily survey your whole field from 360 feet up, when you want, in less time
  • RGB color images at 1″/pixel resolution and multispectral images down to 2″/pixel resolution
  • Easiest platform for capturing quality aerial imagery

Effortlessly Fly and View Crop Health

  • Fully automated flight operation. Simply define field area to be covered—Quantix™ does the rest
  • Scout up to 400 acres in 45 minutes
  • Dual built-in 18 megapixel cameras—No need to swap or fine-tune cameras
  • RGB & NDVI Images are instantly available for in-field assessment. Answers you need are now available at your fingertips

Built to Last

Quantix™ was developed for on-farm reliability and features a durable, lightweight airframe with a one-meter wingspan and carbon fiber spar reinforcement. Vertical takeoff and landing provides for the safest flight operations, while protecting valuable on-board cameras.

Easy to Use. Easy to Understand.

Quantix™ integrates with AV DSS using advanced GIS technology and research-based analytics to process high resolution maps and images of your fields.


  • Access stored maps
  • Pinpoint issues in specific fields
  • Detect subtle variations of crop health
  • Compare changes over time to make better decisions
  • Compare RGB images of crops to NDVI or GNDVI to view what you can’t see with the human eye

Accuracy is Addictive

  • With Quantix™ and AV DSS you’re in control of when and where you collect aerial imagery.
  • Faster more accurate field scouting than conventional options; more efficient with 100% coverage
  • View your entire field in high resolution with zoom capability on any area
    of interest.
  • Detect plant stress the human eye can’t see.

Proven Data Security

Your data’s security and privacy are paramount. As a company trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense, AeroVironment™ incorporates the same security standards into its DSS as the industry’s largest cloud service providers, allowing you to rest assured that your data is protected.

Powerfully Simple – Say Goodbye to the Learning Curve

With the simple touch of a button, Quantix™ initiates a fully-automated takeoff, flight and landing, eliminating the learning curve so even first-time flyers can successfully operate the drone.

Quantix™ quickly and accurately maps your acreage, allowing you to easily spot crop health and operational issues that might be missed by the naked eye. While still in the field using Quick-Look™ maps, anomalies can be identified and ground truthed to determine water, insect, weed and disease pressures, so you can catch potential issues before they start impacting yield.

Scout Faster and Farther with Ease

Innovative Efficient Design

  • Takes-off and lands like a multirotor
  • Range, reliability, and efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft—up to 400 acres per 45 minute flight
  • Allows for a safe launch and soft landing, protecting sensors

One Touch Planning & Launch

  • Fully Integrated AndroidTM based Quantix™ operating control tablet included
  • Fully automated control with single button launch command
  • Safety features include Return & Land, and Emergency land

Collects Everything in One Pass

  • Built-in dual 18MP Cameras
  • Simultaneously collects high-resolution RGB & Multispectral
  • Incorporates a self-calibrating solar sensor


  • Onboard quick stitching delivers composite images instantly on the operating tablet upon landing—no internet required
  • Switch between RGB and NDVI for immediate in-field assessment

Built to Work Better Together— Quantix & AV DSS

Helping to Improve Operational Efficiencies

For deeper analysis, the collected data seamlessly integrate with the on-line AeroVironment Decision Support System™ (DSS). AV DSS automatically stores and processes your images into high resolution aerial maps, and features intuitive tool sets for deeper image analysis to help guide decision making and improve operational efficiencies.

Uncover Powerful, Actionable Intelligence Using AV DSS

AV DSS consists of three elements – dashboard, analytics portal and mobile app all working together to help you make more informed decisions

  • Uniquely designed for Precision Ag
  • Quick turnaround allows you to make informed decisions based on your data
  • Drill down into your data over time to uncover patterns and trends

Explore a Range of Analytics on AV DSS Portal

Review your aerial data using a host of easy toolsets and analytics.

  • RGB, NDVI, GNDVI orthomosaic maps
  • Canopy Coverage
  • Anomaly detection
  • Comparative analysis
  • Historical trend analysis