Oxygen Forensics Launches Industry Exclusive Drone Update

Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensics, a global leader in digital forensics for law enforcement, federal, and corporate clients, today becomes the sole company in the industry to offer complete flight history extraction from the MyParrot cloud with the release of Oxygen Forensic Detective (11.3).

“Oxygen Forensics continues to ensure our customers have the solutions they need to keep the world safe,” Lee Reiber, COO of Oxygen Forensics, said. “The Oxygen Forensic Detective 11.3 update will set the tone for the industry by offering full data access to the world’s second-leading drone, Parrot. As recreational drones grow in popularity, so will the need for our customers to access critical data on those devices. While our previous update (11.2) allowed users to import and parse Parrot’s flight logs extracted from an installed mobile app or a drone physical dump, 11.3 brings an industry exclusive ability to extract complete flight history from MyParrot cloud.”

Drone use presents unprecedented threats to national security, citizen privacy, and public safety. Evidence extracted from MyParrot cloud is extensive and includes information about the account, general information about the flight, and detailed flight history with metadata like speed, altitude, battery level, and more. Currently, this cloud method provides drone forensics experts with the most comprehensive flight history from Parrot drones on the market.

Oxygen Forensic Detective 11.3 offers access to MyParrot cloud via login/password or token entered in Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extractor. Oxygen Forensic KeyScout utility can detect a login and password if they were entered in a web browser on a computer. Oxygen Forensic Detective also automatically finds a token to MyParrot cloud in the installed FreeFlight Pro app in Apple iOS and Android devices.

Oxygen Forensic Detective now parses all available drone data from FreeFlight 6 mobile app from Apple iOS and Android devices.

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