Loveland Innovations to Digitize Claims Analysis for Security First Insurance

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Loveland Innovations®, maker of advanced data gathering and AI analysis solutions, today announced Security First Insurance, Florida’s second largest home insurance provider, has adopted IMGING as a revolutionary new approach to claims resolution leveraging drones, AI, and more.

With Loveland’s drone-based inspection and AI analysis platform, IMGING®, Security First has new ways to gather and review property claim data so they can streamline claim settlements and increase the safety of their field adjusters.

“We’re excited to add IMGING to the winning blend of technologies propelling Security First Insurance forward,” says Jim Loveland, CEO and Founder of Loveland Innovations. “Our goal is to help carriers rearchitect their approach to claims so they can keep their people safer, keep their policyholders happier, and move the entire insurance toward fast, digital workflows.”

According to Security First, the drone and AI technologies built into the IMGING platform are enhancing the overall experience for customers. Reducing roof inspection from an average of 45 minutes down to 10 minutes means adjusters can inspect more roofs and attend to more open claims. The IMGING app allows field adjusters to complete damage reports more quickly using AI damage detection, 3D models, and ultra-high-res imagery they can share with claim examiners for accurate, timely settlements.

“IMGING keeps our field adjusters on the ground and AI damage detection helps them assess the state of roofs more quickly, which lowers our claim costs,” said Bob Pender, Claim Repair and Field Manager at Security First. “We’re excited to work with Loveland Innovations and to explore all the ways IMGING and their other solutions can help us enhance the experience for our customers.”

IMGING is available as a complete software and hardware solution (The IMGING Inspection Kit) or as an app that runs on an Apple iPad or iPhone. IMGING is compatible with the DJIÒ Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic 2 Pro, which users can source themselves, or purchase as part of the IMGING Inspection Kit. Loveland Innovations also provides an on-demand drone-based inspection service called Drone Assist, which allows carriers to order an IMGING inspection performed by a certified pilot. Carriers can choose to either receive data such as ultra-high-res imagery, measurements, and models for desk adjusting, or to receive a fully adjusted claim.

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